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I am a Professional Photographer of 6 years turned Social Media Consultant. I originally set this page up as a personal blog site to upload my photo and video work, but have since transformed it to extend my services beyond my current client base, to anyone who is in need of such services. I still update the blog portion of this site on occasion, with work from gigs or personal photos. If you’re interested in getting to know a little more about me, feel free to check out the blog at darqlabs.com/blog.

Otherwise, here’s a little more about what i can do for you.

Originally aspiring to work specifically in the wedding photography market, I learned quickly that there is so much more out there, so expanded my photography skill set to include just about any type of photography a client might need. While I still specialize in portraiture and weddings, I now offer everything from product/food photography, to real estate photography, and have since  had my images published in many magazines, newspapers and on websites such as, Saveur, Maxim.com, Edible Hawaiian Islands, and various local publications. Click the “Photography” tab at the top of the page for more info on photographic services.

Social Media:
In the last 2 years I expanded further, into the field of Social Media Consultation. Offering everything from basic social media platform setup, to comprehensive branding, and daily operation of various social media accounts for clients including Street Grindz (creators of the hugely successful food truck rally “Eat The Street”), Honolulu Night Market, Moili’ili Summer Festival and more. Whether you need a facebook page created, your twitter page overhauled, or day to day operating of your social media accounts, I do it all. Click the “Social Media Packages” tab at the top for more detailed listings of the services I provide, and see how DarqLabs Multimedia can improve youre business through social media.

Video Services:
In addition to photo and social media, I am now offering video services. Because of my photographic background, I find wedding/engagement videos to be most comfortable to me, however I offer everything from short promo video and video slideshows, to seminar coverage. Click the “Videography” tab at the top for more information on video services.

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