Why don’t people visit my website?

Why don't people visit my website_SEO_search for my website

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“Why don’t people visit my website?” has to be the most common questions I get when consulting with potential clients. From retail stores to digital service providers, the question remains the same across all markets. My favorite part about this question, is that the answer is relatively simple. So, when people ask:

Why don’t people visit my website?

I tell them that it boils down to one basic answer:

You aren’t giving them a reason to.

82% of McDonalds customers know what they are going to purchase before pulling up to the building; according to a closed poll I asked only to myself.
Ok, I may have guessed at that particular statistic, but only to exaggerate my point. With the exception of a few specialty items here and there, most of the McDonalds menu does not change. As such, if you’ve seen the menu once, you’ve “seen it a thousand times”. After a couple of times, you’re not going to bother looking up at the menu.
Same goes for your website.

 Whats on your menu?

In continuing to answer your  question,”Why don’t people visit my website”? We start with the first thing people see. The front page of your website. If the home page of your website like the McDonalds big mac, hasn’t changed since 1968, that may be a good indication as to why people aren’t looking at it. Remember, you have to give people a reason to visit your website. A stagnant home page can be an instant turn away for potential repeat visitors.

Do you have to change the whole menu?

So, your website hasn’t been updated in a little while. That’s ok. There’s no time like the present to change that. Does that mean you have to change the whole website? Of course not. You could start small by updating the welcome message on the front page to reflect the season or upcoming holiday. Announce an upcoming special or community activity. Ask an engaging question. Or any number of other things.
Maybe update the photo on your home page. A recent image of your business or business owner. Images of new products. Images to coincide with the welcome message.
Something as simple as changing the color scheme of your website can give it a new feel, and is usually pretty simple to do in the template editor of your website.

This is just the beginning

Implimenting these small changes can have immediate, albeit equally small results in the increase in visits to your website. However, when combined with content creation, social sharing and community building, you will see those visits increase. So the question becomes:

How much do you want people to visit your website?

If it means having to increase the focus and effort on making your website a valuable destination. Are you willing to do what it takes?


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