Join the conversation

Social Media has become the primary source of feedback, conversion and follow up with customers and fans. But in order to make that connection, you must first join the conversation.

The biggest mistake a business/brand can make on social media, is not being on social media.

What are ‘Social Media Accounts’ and why do I need them?

‘Social Media’ is the blanket term used for all the websites and applications you use for social networking. This includes things like a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so many others.
Your social media accounts act as an off site source for your customers and fans to interact with you outside of your physical location. These interactions can include online purchases, customer feedback (both positive and negative), getting to know more about your brand/product, or just a good ol fashioned conversation.
67% of percent of people who use the internet are on social media. Thats ⅔ of the 2.2Billion people online.
Unless you have an account, and are active on it, you are missing out on all of these opportunities. More importantly, your competitors are not.

So What do I do?

First thing is first, you need to ‘Be There’. That means signing up for your social media accounts today. Because chances are, your competition already has.
As mentioned earlier, there are quite a number of platforms to choose from, with more emerging every day.
Do you need to be on all of them? Absolutely not.
Can you be on all of them? Absolutely!
However, to start, I would suggest going with what I like to call “The Big 3”.

The Big Three:

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the key players in the world of social media for brands, and offer unique opportunities to connect with your fans.
According to studies, nearly ALL of the people who use social media, use Facebook, making it by far, the largest social network around, and subsequently, the most important for you to be on. The next largest being Twitter, followed closely by Instagram and Pinterest.
So it stands to reason that, if thats where your customers are when they are not at your website, thats where you should be. Remember, you can’t be a part of the conversation if you are not present.
So first things first, time to sign up.

What’s In A Name?

Using your brand/company name as the handle of your social media accounts is the best way to keep it relevant, because every time you post something, your name will pop up. It also allows you to keep your branding consistent across all of your accounts.
And remember, No Spaces.
From there, you want to fill in the information portions of the sites with all of your vital business info. Website, Address, Phone Number, Hours, Etc.

Now you just need a face and you’re ready to go. Its a good practice to use the same image (whether its a headshot, a photo or a brand logo) across all of your networks for consistency in branding.

And that’s it!
(Well, technically its just the beginning. But welcome to the conversation)



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