Keep your #hashtags short and sweet.

While cofficing today at a recently opened cafe, naturally my eye drifted towards their social marketing materials on the table tent.
Generally speaking, tabletop displays of your social media accounts can be very beneficial, especially to a newly opened business. However, one particular aspect of their flyer drew my attention more than anything;

The #Hashtag

The hashtag they are using with their marketing efforts  is a whopping 23 characters long, complete with not one… not two… but 4 underscores. How is anyone supposed to remember that?


Hashtags have a number of uses. From tracking conversations and compiling content, to finding and engaging new customers, and so much more. In fact, I will probably have to do a follow up post about some of the many uses of the #hashtag.
Regardless of what you’re using your business hashtags for, you want to make sure its both cohesive and digestible.

If your fans cant recall your hashtag, they are unlikely to use it. This holds true for purposely misspelled words as well as extensive use of  characters both alphabetical/numerical and otherwise, and . While I have heard a number of differing opinions about the suggested maximum length of an effective hashtag,  says:

“Twitter experts recommend keeping the keyword under 6 characters.”

I dont know if there is a study that will give us an accurate average suggested character length, but if your hashtag isnt easy to remember, chances are it wont be as effective as you might hope.


  • Incorporate your business name: hashtags like #JohnsBarber or ##StarTours get straight to the point and are easy to track. And best of all, its simple to remember if the hashtag is the same as your business name.
  • Keep it relevant. Your hashtag should reflect your business or some aspect of your business. Are you a coffee shop? Try something coffee related. Are you a Bookstore? work that in to a fun hashtag.
  • Call To Action: Your hashtag can also double as a call to action. Coca- Cola’s#DrinkCoke is simple and to the point. Not only does it keep your brand at the forefront of your marketing effots, but it encourages fans to use your product.
  • K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple, Stupid – Youre probably familiar with this popular acronym, and it holds true in so many cases. But for our uses today, it means one thing… STOP with the extra long hashtags. Short and sweet will always reign supreme in the hashtag world. (At leasrt until the next new thing comes along)

Hope you found this helpful. Now get out there and #hashtag something.


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