So long Vine, InstaVid is the new kid on the block.


If you’re following me on Twitter (and I don’t know why you’re not) you’ve seen me posting about the new IG updates.
Well this morning, they went into effect and effectively changed the way we use InstaGram, forever.

For those out of the loop, today InstaGram introduced video to their bag of tricks. With the existing network (already one of the largest social networks available), and seemless integration with your other networks, InstaGram may have numbered the days of social media newcomer Vine.
Heres a look at some of the features of InstaGrams new video function.

  • 15 second recording (to Vines 6): Long enough to tell a story and be creative, short enough not to run out your attention span
  • Clip editing: Don’t like a section of recording? Delete it!
  • Filters: 13 filters available to apply to video and photo. I dont use them personally, but i know lots of you will.
  • Thumbnail Selection: You have the option to select a frame from their video to use as the thumbnail.
  • Appears on the user’s profile: Easily accessible. No need to dig around.
  • Seemless Integration: Video posts can be shared to your other networks (FB/Twitter/Etc) the same way your IG pics are. No need for long work-arounds.
  • Web Access: Videos appear on a user’s web profile just as images do.
  • Accessible to ALL Instagram user’s from day one: Unlike when Instagram first rolled out, and android users had to wait nearly a year, video function is available to both platforms immediately.
  • Stabilization: Built in stabilization will eliminate the hand shake we’ve all become accustomed to in most mobile videos.

Follow me on InstaGram and Twitter at @darqlabs.

Happy Filming


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