Breakfast at Taste

Hawaii’s food scene is always evolving, and riding the crest of the wave of innovation is Hawaii’s newest place to eat. Taste ( Taste is a completely new concept for Hawaii. Not a restaurant, but rather a “Food Venue”. A sort of permanent pop-up, in the heart of Honolulu. Rather than going around the island to find the sporadic pop-up dining events, Taste offers a one stop popUP with vendors rotating, not only daily, but multiple times daily. On any given day, you could have a different vendor for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So you can either follow Taste online, through the website or social media channels, or just head down there and be surprised. You never know what you might get, but it will definitely be good.

Today i stopped in for breakfast, after missing yesterdays homemade yogurt and granola, and the slow cooked oatmeal. Fortunately today Petit Suisse Crepes was in the house making their awesome crepes.

I got “The Dream”. A classic crepe, stuffed with Nutella, Bananas, Strawberry and of course Whipped Cream.

And did i mention, i washed it down with a hand pressed and muddled, Ginger & Mint Lemonade? What a breakfast.

I cant wait to see what is coming in the near future at Taste. Im definitely looking forward to the weekly rotating “Taco Tuesday” vendors.

If you find yourself in the Kakaako area of Honolulu, take the time to check out Taste. You wont be disappointed.


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