The Whole Ox (Butcher & Deli)

Yesterdays grand opening of the new Butcher shop/ Deli here in Kakaako, was crazy! So today I went back when it was a little more tame, so i could snap a few photos and get myself a sandwich.

I love the feel of this place. This used to be my go to club back in the day (what up CASA crew?), and ive watched the building transform a couple of times since. Now its a quaint little butcher shop and deli, with a real homegrown feel. Open air, and bench seating really gives it a community vibe. Although there isnt a ton of seating ,there should be more than enough for dine in patrons.

The wall behind the counter is a giant chalkboard they use to post the menu. A great idea, and really cool looking. Couldnt wait to get up there and place my order.

I finally got to place my order, and get the Reuben id been dreaming about.

the sandwich was so good, i saved half of it to take back to the office and stare at for a while before the urge was too strong and i gobbled it up too.

Thank you Whole Ox, for fulfilling my reuben dreams. You will definitely be seeing me again soon… and frequently.


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