D.U.I. (Designing Under the Influence)

The other night I got to drinkin’
… I mean, thinkin’

… okay, both.  Hahahah

While going through and editing photos from a recent event, it occurred to me, that I lost the last watermark/ logo I created when my computer crashed. So, logoless, I edited the photos, and just threw a quick font on the images. Not exactly stoked about it, but i got the job done.

Later on in the evening, while winding down after work, I decided to start working on a new logo. Maybe it was the lack of an existing logo, or maybe it was just the rum talking, but whatever the case I got to thinking about a new logo.

after a couple of drinks, and a few failed attempts, this is what I finally landed on.
So without further adieu, the new face of Darq Labs.

Of course, the watermark is just the square logo, But I added the text so the “Q” made sense.
I dont know how many times ive said, “no, dark with a ‘Q'” to people asking about the name, so i decided to use the Q to my advantage in the logo.
Also, I wanted something kind of modern looking, that I could use on urban and event photos, but still able to use on my wedding work. And the symmetrical, almost flower-esque shape of the logo should lend well to both, (I hope)

A big thanks is due to my design inspiration, Captain Morgan. hahah.

… until next time


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