Dinner at the birds nest

Once in a while we get together at a friends house for dinner. Usually its either wings or a loin on the menu, and tonight it was a loin.

By the time i got there, the loin had already been trimmed and butchered into nice filets. Fortunately photos were taken before i got there to document the occasion.

So heres what we started with. (this photo courtesy of @zaklikestuna )

From there we sliced it up in to  individual filet’s.

And I seasoned them up to get the filets ready for the grill.”Big Red” as shes affectionately known).

They hit the grill for about 5 minutes or so. (cant overcook filet mignon, now can we?). Then it was back to the bowl, then off to the kitchen for a rest before serving.

Yup, thats a giant bowl full of Filet Mignon.
Naturally, being the classy folk we are, we served it up with frozen veggies from a bag, and tater tots. hahahah.
Say what you will, it was damn tasty. And looked as good as it tasted.


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