There’s a first time for everything

Today, due to suggestions from friends and on twitter, I took my first trip to Ethel’s Grill.  I don’t know how I’ve never been here before. Very high marks on Yelp, and not too far outside of Honolulu. Not to mention, it turns out one of my friends comes here all the time.

Thanks for the heads up. haha.

Just past the harbors outside of downtown Honolulu, in the Sand Island section of Kalihi (I think its considered Kalihi anyway), Is a tiny hole in the wall with HUGE portions. Ethel’s Grill.


Pretty easy to miss if you didn’t know it was there. But when you see a tiny place like this with a crowd of people outside, its safe to assume it’s the place to be.


Inside the tiny storefront is about 6 tables. Not a lot of space at all. But well worth the wait and the squeeze.

The interior looks like its been the same since opening. Very cool. You can tell they’ve been in business a long time. Even the old, handwritten menu posted over the counter, is almost a piece of art.


After waiting our turn, we finally got seated. Thanks to Mari’s suggestion, I already knew what I wanted going in, so I didn’t even need a menu. One of our friends, who is a regular, wasn’t even given a menu. I love a place that remembers you.

We all got different items, and got to try a little bit of everything. Not a single item was disappointing. On top of your meal choice, you also get a small salad, with some kind of delicious green dressing, and a small bowl of miso soup.


We got a side order of Ahi Tataki. Even this side order was huge. it was a full portion anywhere else. I should have known when it came out, that we were going to be stuffed by the time we left.



Then the food started to come out. Garlic Butter Ahi.


Mochiko Chicken.



Curry Loco Moco. (with cheese, which was kind of odd, but a good addition)


Then my order came out. The Spare Rib Saimin. The picture does not do justice to the size, but I literally could have dunked my entire head into the bowl without touching the sides. It was essentially a bath tub filled with ramen.



We finished up at Ethel’s, and were rolled out the front door. Now that I finally found out about this place, it will definitely because a regular stop.


… until next time


2 thoughts on “There’s a first time for everything

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog!!! Started following you on IG. That Spare Rib Saimin looks AMAZING. WIsh I tried that, but haven’t been to Ethel’s in awhile!

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