My Morning Glass

As many of you who follow me may already know, I’m quite the “Caffeine Fiend”. If I’m not at home drinking Dunkin Doughnuts (rest in peace) coffee by the pot, I’m usually out at the nearest java dealer to get my fix. Yes, I have a problem, and I’m aware. hahah.

Its not very often that I go to a coffee shop/café that I’ve never been to before, and its always quite a treat. I have bookmarked a couple of places on Yelp that I want to eventually make my way to, but haven’t had a chance to try one in a while. Until a few days ago.

Enter Morning Glass


Nestled in the middle of lush, green Manoa Valley, this little café could be easily passed up if you don’t know where to look. I nearly drove right past it. Thanks GPS/Google Maps.


The Sandwich and Espresso drink options were pretty standard for a café of this caliber. However, the roast selections seemed to be their specialty. Unfortunately, I didn’t try one, and went with the espresso instead.


We got a Vanilla Latte and an Iced Coffee.

The Vanilla Latte I got was very good. The barista put it in a shaker before putting it in the glass. I imagine this is how James Bond drinks his Vanilla Lattes. (Shaken, not stirred). The iced coffee my lady ordered was very strong. I’m not sure what roast they used for the house iced coffee, but it was dark and bold. Almost too much to drink. Even after loading it with sugar and soy, it was a bit much. Fortunately, im a black coffee drinker more often than not, so the lady and I switched drinks, and all was well.



After coffee, she decided to try one of their cornbread muffins. They sure looked tasty, and she seemed satisfied. Its served with what looks like a homemade honey compound butter. I just wish the butter was softened, and not cold and hard. Still good though.


Overall, it was a nice trip to Morning Glass. I definitely want to come back and try some of their special roasts, so I can really review the coffee. The ambiance of the café was nice. I really loved the open interior. no doors or windows, just a bunch of rollups that open the entire café to the cool breeze that blows through the valley. The barista was playing J5 when we went in, and as a long time hip-hop head, I really appreciate that.


Gotta love good tunes and a view with your coffee. Morning Glass, I will return next time I’m in the area.

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…until next time.


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