When the moon hits your eye…

“The Abbey” (as i affectionately call it) is probably my favorite pizza joint on the island.
I love the feel of the venue. It looks like an old school pub with the all wood interior and lots of classic decor. Its very warm and welcoming. The service is always good, and the pies are to die for. Literally. Id gladly take a slice as my last meal.

They are open late (1-2am), making it a perfect hang out into the wee hours. And if you go out to eat somewhere else, and aren’t happy with your food, you can always come here after and be satisfied. (had this experience myself. thanks JJ’s)

“The Glory Hole” as i like to call it, is the most glorious sight in all of chinatown. This portal to flavortown, is where all the amazing pies come out of.

Your best bet is to get an entire pie if you’re with a couple of people. You can either go with one of their great daily specials, or just build your own. If you’re flying solo, or aren’t so hungry, you can order a slice for only $3:50. (but keep in mind, if you just want a slice, you’re limited to cheese or pepperoni)

We stopped in The Abbey for lunch today for a pie. While the specials sounded delicious, we decided to go with our usual. Pepperoni/Garlic/Mushroom.

I will be back over and over again. I still need to try the calamari.

…until next time


© Chuco Townsend. Darq Labs Photography 2011

Wedding, Event, Food Photography. Honolulu, Hawaii.


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