Eat The Street: “Spicy”

August 26th marked the last Friday of the month. And you know what that means…

Eat The Street!

This months theme was “Spicy”, and boy was it. With most of the trucks offering a special spicy dish, sure to get your mouth watering. Everything from tacos, right down to desserts. Extreme Tacos, already popular for their spicy fare, was sure to please with their spicy offerings. Their line is always across the parking lot. And tonight was no exception. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t like a spicy taco?

Koi had some jalapeno chicken chili, lechon kawali, and this tasty spicy shrimp dynamite.

And of course, Hawaii’s Fried Musubi’s was there with their spicy ahi musubi/carlic chicken combo. Whic was fantastic. This was my first time getting to try their food since their debut, and i was definitely not disappointed.

As always, the amount of food, spicy and otherwise, was intense. I only wish i could have tried everything. So many delicious choices, so little time. The Angry Pinoy Dog from Flip’t out Eats Fire roasted corn with chili aioli and parm from Na’ono, the infamous malasada burgers from LocalStop, homemade HOT tamales from Baja Style, Aloha Spice wings from cooking fresh for you, and so many more…

Camille also brought out her amazing chicken pot pie.

Then there were the desserts. Apricot crumble with chili pepper ice cream, Cajun pepper-infused kettle corn, Spicy brownie sundae with chili almonds, Watermelon Cucumber Cayenne Onopop, and of course, Camille’s chocolae dulce de leche ancho chile pecan pie. What a mouthful.

Lightsleepers were there hosting another great inkspills battle.

And of course, no Spicy event would be complete w/o a chili pepper eating contest. Contestants were given giant bowls full of jalapenos, and whoever ate the most from their bowl was the winner. Chasing the peppers with water, soda, and even whipped cream to try and calm the heat.

Congratulations to our hot pepper eating contest winner:

Another successful Eat The Street. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event. We couldnt do it without you. Stay tuned for the next Eat The Street. This time were invading Mililani, for their first food truck rally. Dont miss it!


© Chuco Townsend. Darq Labs Photography 2011

Wedding, Event, Food Photography. Honolulu, Hawaii.


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