Camille’s savory pie’s at Taco’ako

Welcome to Taco’ako Tuesday.

Every tuesdy on the corner of Cooke and Ilalo you can find a host of street vendors lining the street. Tacos as far as the eye can see. Today, camille’s on wheels, xtreme tacos, flipt out eats, shogunai, the tiki truck, puffettes, and da ala cart lined Ilalo, while trucks like local stop and kai’s lined Cooke.

Although it is “Taco Tuesday”, todays visit was all about one thing. Camille’s On Wheels and her savory pies.

Today Camille rolled out (get it?) her new savoy pies. A portabella/poblano/cheese pie, and of course a classic chicken pot pie.

If you werent there within the first hour, theres a good chance you missed them, because they sold out FAST! And rightfully so. I don’t mind saying, this was by far, the best chicken pot pie ive ever had in my life.

Believe me, Camille knows her pies. If youve ever had a slice of her pecan pie or her famous mango pie you are already aware. Anyone who knows pie will tell you that the crust really makes the difference, and the crust on these savory pies were fantastic. Perfectly cooked, flakey, and oh so buttery. I swear i could have eaten it, even if there was nothing in it. Then add a creamy filling packed with chunks of moist chicken and vegetables.

And now the star of the show:

If you missed them today at the debut, fear not, there is always a next time. I think todays showing was evidence that these will have to become a reoccuring item on Camille’s menu.

Follow Camille’s On Wheels on twitter so you will know where to find her. Dont miss out.

Camille’s On Wheels on twiter at: @Camillesonwheel


© Chuco Townsend. Darq Labs Photography 2011

Wedding, Event, Food Photography. Honolulu, Hawaii.


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