Uncle Bo’s

559 Kapahulu Ave | Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 | (Kapahulu, Honolulu, Oahu) Ph: (808) 735-8311

Took a trip to Uncle Bo’s Pupu Bar and Grill with The Foodies. A small but popular spot on kapahulu ave. Generally this place gets really good reviews, and i can see why this place would have a following of return customers, however, fanfare aside, i was not as impressed as some of the others.

Walking in the door, you are greeted with a narrow hallway leading to the host(ess) stand. There is a small and comfortable bench next to the podium where you can sit and wait, but the walkway is very narrow. This area is a disaster. If people are trying to get in and out at the same time (god forbid someone have a baby stroller like the lady in front of me) it will take some fancy maneuvering to get through.

We made reservations, and got our seats quickly, as they were reserved for us. We even had to push our reservation back half an hour, and pretty last minute, and they were very accommodating.

Seating in the dining area is tight. I understand you want to pack in as many patrons as you can, but the tables were far too close together to make for a truly comfortable dining experience. I had to step outside for a minute, and getting to and from our table, was just uncomfortable.

ok, enough #FatBoyProblems, on to the food:

As is the general theme when dining with the foodies, everyone got items to pass around the table for the rest to get a taste. While i wasnt able to get photos of everything, i did get to taste them.

Lets get the star out of the way first. Two words my friends: Boca Rotta. which i gather is a play off of the italian “bocca rotta” meaning “broken mouth”. (oh, Uncle Bo… youre so clever)
While generally i dont partake in the use of local colloquialisms, i might make an exception here only to agree with Bo. Dis buggah wen broke da mout! Garenz!
Cheesy bread with bits of prime rib, sauteed mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese. A bit pricey considering what it really is, but well worth every penny. Maybe more.

As per usual, i Pre-Yelped the venue, and used the reviews to make my menu selections before arriving. Thanks to suggestions from my brother, and of course Yelp, i ended up with Uncle Bo’s Dynamite Shrimp  and the Thai-Style Steamer Clams

The clams were fantastic. Perfectly steamed. Not overcooked. And the sauce was great. Apparently a mild chili, garlic oyster sauce. And when you dip the house bread in the sauce in the bottom of the clam shell, it only adds to the dish.

The shrimp was tasty, though given the rave reviews, i was expecting a little more. It was definitely not bad by any means. Crunchy creamy, sweet and spicy, all in one dish. I would definitely order this again.

We also got to try the Kalua Pork Fried Rice and a Garlic Mushroom Pizza, Both were good. The pizza served as sort of a neutralizer to the other rich and heavy dishes.

We ended the night with the Fried Ice Cream which looked delicious,

but due to the lighting fast, almost ninja-like spoons of “The Foodies”, it was gone before you could say “Boca Rota”

Overall, a fine experience at Uncle Bo’s. Not amazing, but surely not bad. Im sure i will return.

…until next time


© Chuco Townsend. Darq Labs Photography 2011

Wedding, Event, Food Photography. Honolulu, Hawaii.


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