Left a little salty

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Tonight was my first time going out with “The Foodies” (A small, close knit group off food lovers, reviewers, bloggers). I was just recently invited to join them on their adventures, and tonight was my first time actually getting to tag along.

Enter: Salt Kitchen and Tasting Bar

This is a relatively new restaurant, and has been trending amongst Honolulu foodies. When i found out that this was where we would be going, i have to say, i was pretty damn excited. From reviews and photos i had seen previously, i was sure i was in for a treat.

…boy was i wrong.

Despite a very narrow storefront, the inside was surprisingly and pleasantly chic. A very modern and classy interior only further added to my excitement. The decor and furniture, really give this place a nice feel. The designer did an excellent job. Because it was a tuesday, seating was quick. Even for our large group of 7, in such a small place. And this was without reservations. Again, so far, so good.

After being quickly seated, and brought water, our server was right on top of taking our drink orders. The staff was very friendly, and seemed to be knowledgeable. Eager to help answer any questions we had about the drink and food orders.

They had a pretty good selection of beers, wines, and mixed drinks. Including a surprisingly good, locally brewed IPA from Maui (i believe it was Maui anyway). I stuck to my glass of water, and the wifey kept it classy with a glass of chianti.

We then ordered a few different things off the menu for the table to share, including their house and domestic charcuterie platters, and one of their cheese platters. We also got the arancini balls, albondigas, and pork stuffed calamari. Unfortunately, the tight seating and long table didnt make for optimal picture taking, but i managed to snap a couple of photos.

The Arancini was pretty tasty, but besides that,  I wasn’t particularly impressed. I was really hoping for something to knock my proverbial socks off, however, for my socks, it was business as usual. (Thats why they’re called business socks.)

Having read a few reviews on this place before going,  as i generally do (Thanks Yelp!), I knew what i wanted well before we had arrived. The Shinsato pork belly sandwich. It was mentioned in so many reviews, that i just had to try it for myself.

It was one of the better things i had tasted this evening, but was still nothing near what i was expecting. Overall, a very disappointing experience at Salt Kitchen and Tasting Bar.

We all left a little “salty”

Fortunately, there was a saving grace. Just on the other side of town was one of our favorite pizza joints/bar. So what would have been us ending the night with a few drinks to wind down, turned into an extremely satisfying pizza experience, which helped make up the night….and a few drinks. lol

Enter: J.J Dolan’s

Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Garlic pizza.

Margherita Pizza

Thanks J.J. Dolan’s, for saving the day. Its always a pleasure coming here.

(Follow them on twitter at @jjdolans)

Well, that’s it for tonights adventure with “The Foodies”.

… until next time


© Chuco Townsend. Darq Labs Photography 2011

Wedding, Event, Food Photography. Honolulu, Hawaii.


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