Garlicy goodness

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Yes sir. Another last friday, means another delicious Eat The Street, brought to you by the folks at Street Grindz. Make sure you follow them on twitter at @streetgrindz .

33 vendors, thousands of patrons, and more fantastic dishes than you can shake a proverbial stick at.

This months theme was Garlic Fest. With each of the vendors offering a garlic inspired dish. Everything from Garlic shrimp, steak, and even goat, right down to garlic inspired desserts like the Garlic Chocolate Cheesecake Truffles. Good thing the Yelp booth was all stocked up on mints.

Weather and traffic held me up briefly for the event, but would not stop me from getting there. Upon entering the venue, we were greeted with the gorgeous smell of garlic, and some fantastic live music.

There were many familiar faces, along with a few new trucks from the last showing. Including an old friend from my childhood growing up on the windward side, Tats Shaved Ice

The deep fried musubi truck made its debut on the streets just recently, and graced Eat the Street with its deep fried fodder.

Another newcomer to the scene was Exotic Coffees Hawaii. A vendor after my own heart. Needless to say, this was my first stop at this months Eat the Street. Id call their debut a success. With great coffee, and even hot fresh malasadas to go with it. Thanks for coming out you guys.

After a great cup of vanilla iced coffee from Exotic Coffees, it was time to go find some food. Having never been disappointed by them in the past, i was quickly drawn over to my good friends at Baja Style.

(follow them on twitter at @BajaStyleHI to see where they’re going to turn up next)

I caught wind that they would be offering a special goat dish for this months Eat the Street. While its not a regular on my menu, i have had goat in the past, and liked it. And after falling in love with their pork last month, i was certain they would satisfy. Boy did i underestimate that. The goat was fantastic. Perfectly seasoned, and so tender.

I got the “Garlicy Taco Trifecta”. 3 great garlic tacos, all in one place.

Garlic Goat-Squid ‘Mojo de Ajo’-Garlic Cheez Jalapenos

The squid had the most garlic flavor by far. If you like calamari, tacos, and garlic, this was the perfect combination.

If youre a fan of spicy food, you would have loved this jalapenos rellenos taco. I really hope they bring this one back for next months Eat the Street.

And of course, the star of the show. The goat.

If you didnt get one of these, sadly, you missed out.

We also got a few more tacos, and a  Baja Style Burrito, then were back off into the crowd.

Made a few rounds, and walked off some of those delicious tacos, before finding more good eats to stuff ourselves with.

The line for Ono Pops was crazy, all the way till closing. Unfortunately i wasnt able to indulge this time around.

Le Crepe Cafe was there, selling their sweet and savory crepes. We would definitely have to make a trip back here later in the evening.

You couldnt walk 5 feet without bumping into someone with one of these bad boys. The tent serving the roasted corn must have been doing very well.

Alright, enough looking. time to eat!

Grandma G’s Kitchen was belting out the plate lunches. Everything was going really fast.

Luckinly they still had their delicious Garlic Teri Furikake Ahi.

For a little while at least. Lol.

Then it was on to Bobalicious for a cold, sweet honeydew bubble tea

What a refreshing way to wash down all that garlic.

Then back to the street. To Eat.

At this point, we were just trying so many different things, that what and where became a blur.

Even got away with a whole head of roasted garlic. Yum.

These waffle dogs were one of my favorites at the event. I dont know what kind of black magic they used on that mustard sauce, but i just could not get enough of it. And apparently i wasnt the only one, because they sold out quick.

Then it was on to the sweet portion of the evening.

I told myself, after being to late last time, that i would not miss the Fairy Cakes truck. So we got into their long line early, to make sure there was a fairy cake with our name on it.

We got to the front and saw that even they were offering something garlic. Unfortunately, they sold out by then.

Definitely sounded interesting, but i was just happy to get my hands on one of their famous classics.

Then it was back to Le Crepe Cafe for a “Romeo & Juliette” for the wifey.

And back to Baja Style for my new favorite dessert.

Baja Style Mango on a Stick.

If you read my previous post from the farmers market, it should be no surprise that this is how i ended my food adventure. It was a bit spicier this time around, which i loved personally. But it was a bit too spicy for some of the others.

With empty plates and full stomachs, it was getting to that time. Time to wind down, have a seat, maybe get a drink, and get ready to bid adieu to Eat the Street.

Hopefully everyone stopped by either the Yelp tent or the Street Grindz tent for some mints on the way out.

The rainy weather wasnt great for photos, so i missed a lot of stuff while trying to guard my gear from the rain. But, there is always next time.

Be sure to save the date for the next HEAT The Street, where its going to get SPICY!

…until next time


© Chuco Townsend. Darq Labs Photography 2011

Wedding, Event, Food Photography. Honolulu, Hawaii.

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