Somethings fishy around here

Kuru Kuru Suhi, Peark Kai shopping center.

Got a hankerin’ for some sushi? Theres really only one option. Kuru Kuru in pearl city.

(ok, to be fair, there are probably hundreds of options, but trust me, this is by far the best one)

Kuru Kuru has been our go-to sushi spot for years. Even living on opposite sides of the island hasnt stopped us. So, dont let the drive stop you, its well worth it.

The demo special: Tuna Mayo

I still haven’t figured out why he loves these things. But we cant hit any sushi spot without him killing a few plates of them.

Natto is a delicacy, but definitely an acquired taste. One i haven’t acquired personally. So if you see this guy coming around the conveyor belt, and are feeling adventurous, give it a shot. Chances are you wont like it, but who knows.

And of course, no trip to Kuru Kuru is complete without getting the Donburi.

Usually, im a spicy ahi don guy, but lately ive been getting the mixed don. Either way, its delicious. Loads of fresh fish over rice. Who could say no.

THe MIxed Donburi comes with both their regular ahi poke, and the spicy ahi over rice, with a slab of fresh ahi, and a slab of salmon.

After killing a few plates, snapping a vew pictures, and even getting a couple of video clips (maybe we will post those soon. not sure yet), it was time to go. But as our default sushi spot, theres no doubt we will be back, and soon.

…until next time.


© Chuco Townsend. Darq Labs Photography 2011

Wedding, Event, Food Photography. Honolulu, Hawaii


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