Eat The Street: “Pig Out”

Its a beautiful day for a photoblog:

(click images for high res versions)

Camera in hand, Street Grindz shirt on my back, its time to hit the street.

What started as a mere empty parking lot, blossomed into a festival of food, art, music, and friends in only a short period of time.

I arrived early. A few hours before the scheduled event, to try and catch the transformation. Sure enough, although i had gotten there nearly 4 hours early, i was not the first on the scene. The boys from Inferno’s Woodfire Pizza had already parked and set up their brick oven, and were hard at work, prepping for the nights festivities.

And though the Inferno boys got the jump on the crowd, it wasn’t long before the other vendors starting rolling in. And roll in they did. literally.

(see what i did there?)

Bodacious, LickitySplit, Xtreme Tacos, Shogunai,the Tiki Truck, and of course our good friends over at Pacific Soul. Just to name a few. It was so hard to keep tract with the crazy amount of vendors in attendance this time around.

From the moment they arrived on the scene with the word espresso plastered on the side of their truck, Liquid Pleasure had my attention. It would be a while before my companions arrived, so i figured, what better way to hold me over than some espresso.

Unfortunately, we apparently have a differing opinion of what an “Iced Mocha” is. While i was expecting an iced mocha as colloquially recognized (coffee/chocolate/milk/over ice), I was handed an ice blended (frappuccino  style) mocha. Personally, i’m not a fan of blended coffee drinks, and while the mocha wasn’t bad by any flavor standpoint, i still wasn’t able to finish it. Though i imagine, if you like blended coffee, you would have been rather pleased with the creation.

Soon one of my friends arrived, and then it was back to making rounds.

Why’z offered some delicious crabcake sliders. The pulled pork sliders were ok. Nothing special, but definitely not bad.

I was a little bummed that i wasn’t able to get to this truck. Apparently, whatever a “Fairy Cake” is, its pretty damn tasty, because they sold out quick, and had to close their doors early. We will meet again Fairy Cakes. Or if someone just wants to come deliver me some cakes, i gladly accept donations in the form of sweets. lol.

The uncles from the kahuku shrimp truck, cooking up some bbq chicken and pulehu beef.

More ono plate lunches from Grandma G’s

Yes, you read that correctly. A peanut butter, and BACON popsicle from the guys at Ono Pops. An interesting way to integrate the days theme into their menu.

Lickety Split was there serving cold sweet ice cream. What a great idea on a hot day. Not to mention, great people running the place. Cant wait to run into them at the next event.

Then, of course, there was Baja Style. Who i was fortunate enough to meet early in the day, and they gave us the exclusive sneak peek at their entry.

Enter “Jose”:

Destined to be one of the stars of the show, straight out of the box. The China Box, that is. Couldn’t wait for this to be ready in a few hours.

Alonzo’s was offering samples of their famous “Hawaiian Beef Steak”. (no, i didnt just make that up). And i have to say, of all the teri steak ive had over the years, this was definitely up there. I’d put it right up there next to Dean’s.

I was tempted to try their Lechon Kawali, which i have only recently been exposed to. But after tasting the steak, i knew id be back for more of that.

More dessert offerings, courtesy of Chimney Cakes

If you didnt stop by the Yelp table, you missed out on all kinds of goodies.

not to mention, Hawaiis hottest new game, sweeping living rooms across the state…

Giant Jenga!!!

After checking in, and getting some goodies myself, it was time to pack up from the yelp booth, and head back into the crowd.

…And just in time.

“Jose” was ready to be unveiled to the rest of the people at Eat the Street.

Now to turn him into tacos!

Just over 20 of the vendors entered a pork dish for the best of contest. Needless to say, the judges had the best seat at the venue.

Finally, after a long day of snapping pictures. The boys slowed up, and it was time to get some grub ourselves. (Though, because i spent the whole day looking at the food, once it was in my hands, i completely forgot to take pictures of most of it). So we made our way back to Alonzo’s for their “Hawaiian Beef Steak”.

Nom Nom Nom

Demo, doing what he do. DEMOlished the Hawaiian steak plate.

After dinner, we had a little strobist session in the parking lot next to the venue, stopped by the Yelp tent again, so everyone could check in, and maybe play a round of jumbo jenga (which was still going strong well into the night),

then made our way to the main tent for the balut eating contest, brought to you by the fine folks at Elenas.

Big ups to Strong Samson for winning the contest, and the gift certificate to Elena’s.

$50 gift certificate will get you lots more balut. lol

And that was about it for this months Eat the Street. Lucky for those of you who missed it, its happening again soon. DONT SLEEP!

…until next time


© Chuco Townsend. Darq Labs Photography 2011

Wedding, Event, Food Photography. Honolulu, Hawaii.


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