Analog life in a digital world

In this digital age, its easy to forget where it all started. So sometimes its nice to take a step back and get back to the basics.

That’s right freaks and geeks, I’m talking about film photography.

“film??? isn’t that what my grandpa used?”

Sure, the instant gratification of digital is very appealing. As is not having to constantly buy and develop film, only to find out half of it didn’t come out the way you wanted. But that was half the fun of it. The mystery, and forcing yourself to learn. I learned a lot in my time with 35mm, and its fun to go back once in a while.

I used to shoot on an old Pentax k1000. just about as basic as it gets. Fully manual (that’s right kiddies. No green box to sit in), and aside from the shutter release, there wasn’t a lot to the camera. But it was, and still is, one of my favorite cameras ever.

I thought about bringing out the old Pentax, and using it for this back to basics post. But then it hit me. It gets even more basic than that.

Enter the Holga 120:

This “toy Camera”, is essentially a plastic box, with a hole cut in the front of it. And with the exception of a pinhole camera, is about as basic as it gets. It has 2 light condition settings (marked with a sun, and a cloud), and 4 focus settings, labeled with stick figures and a mountain for infinity.

The “viewfinder”, if you can call it that, does not give you any idea of whether or not youre in focus (remember, its more pinhole than SLR), and is basically used as a framing guideline. However, its nowhere near accurate, even for that.

This particular model (the 120 CFN) also gives you the addition of a flash, with optional color gels. (three color selections, changed with the knob on the top of the camera)

Im pretty excited about taking the holga for a spin, and getting the first roll of film developed.

…until next time.


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