Yogurstory – Brunch.Coffee.Dessert

Right smack in the middle of downtown, just off of keeaumoku, lies this little gem. If you didnt know it was here, you would easily pass it by. But once you go inside, its not something you will easily forget.

The space is amazing. I will be going back to get interior shots soon. Unfortunately i dont really have any as of now. It looks nothing like you would imagine from the outside. Its a bright, open venue with tons of seating upstairs and down. Perfect for lunch/brunch meetings, or just a casual get together with friends.

With that said, on to the photos:

This is one of not many places on the rock who actually does some latte art. Not every time, but on a few occasions, my vanilla latte came out with a little extra love. Generally, this is how i start every visit to Yogurstory.

From there, depending on my mood, its going to be sweet or savory.

One of my favorites from them so far, was the pastrami sandwich. I pay extra for the salad upgrade, and haven’t been disappointed.

Then there’s the “Fat Pig” fried rice. Fried rice, stuffed with more pork than you could shake a stick at. And just when you think its all over, they top it with Chicharrón.


If youre in the mood for sweet, definitely go for one of Yogurstory’s famous waffles. The “Red Carpet” (A red velvet waffle), is probably the most popular. Im personally not a fan of red velvet (i know, i know… bring on the flames), but i can speak very fondly of the “West Hollywood” waffle.

A chocolate, chocolate chip, oreo waffle. I mean, seriously?!?!? Who could ask for more. If you have a sweet tooth, this is bound to satisfy it, and then some.

I will definitely be back here soon. Just looking at this waffle is killing me. Ok, enough. time for bed.

…until next time.


© Chuco Townsend. Darq Labs Photography 2011

Wedding, Event, Food Photography. Honolulu, Hawaii.


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