Honozooloo Solo Art Exhibit at Hotel Renew

Tonight was the solo art exhibit of Honolulu based photographer, artist, and all around nice guy Aaron Yoshino, aka Honozooloo. Brought to you by Flux Hawaii and Hotel Renew in Waikiki.

Enter Hotel Renew.

The exhibit featured a few HUGE prints of Aaron’s photos from around Honolulu. It was definitely well deserved. His work is always fantastic, and the images hosted tonight were exceptional. And thanks to the fine folks at Mighty Large Format Printing, it was impossible for them to go unnoticed.

And now, the man of the hour…

Aaron, posing awkwardly for the camera, as many of us photographers tend to do. Its very different on the other side of the lens. But to be fair, he did get a couple awkward shots of me, which I’m sure will pop up any time now. Even at his own photo exhibit, Aaron has his camera at his hip. Talk about dedication.

As you can see in the background, His images were hung around the lobby of the hotel for all the guests and patrons to see. Unfortunately, i wasnt able to get shots of many of them, as people were packed in there to see his work. but the photos of his work just dont do the original the justice they deserve. Visit his site to see them and more of his work.

Great work as always. But you really had to see them in person.

The hustle and bustle of the crowds. (Tried to blur them out with a long exposure, but even then, there were just too many)

There was also food outside provided by Soul Patrol.

Visit them at pacificsoulhawaii.com

I just cant get enough of their food. If you’re in Honolulu, and are craving some soul food, it comes highly recommended.

Well, after some good food, a few beverages, and an excellent exhibit from Aaron, it was time to bid adieu to the Hotel Renew, Honozooloo, and the fine folks at Flux.

Thus ending another beautiful and eventful day in Waikiki.

Lucky You Live Hawaii.

…Until next time


© Chuco Townsend. Darq Labs Photography 2011

Wedding, Event, Food Photography. Honolulu, Hawaii.


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