Thank yous all around!

Woke up this morning to am email from Erica that my post was featured on Freshly Pressed.

Now, i hesitated quite a bit before blogging this, as i was afraid it might come off the wrong way. However, even if someone tries to misconstrue this as being pretentious or anything of the like, I still feel obligated to say Thank You!

I had a couple of other wordpress sites in the past, and over time, never really did much with them, or bothered to learn the system all that well. Truth be told, i dint even know what “freshly pressed” was before today, although i have been to the home page many times in the past. This time around, im trying to take a more active role in my blogging, and i hope that continues to reflect from my page.

So, just to keep it simple, i want to say Thank You. To Erica, and to anyone who reads this. Im glad to be able to share my photos and stories, but without you all, its just another anonymous journal.




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