Missed another G2G

Today was the HPF chinatown photowalk. Meet up was outside of the Hawaii Theater @ 9:30AM, and the adventure goes from there.

Unfortunately, once again, work got in the way of the adventure, and i wasn’t able to go. I haven’t met up with the guys in a long time, and cant wait to get to another one.

So, since i wasn’t able to get out there today, i decided to post up some shots from an old chinatown photowalk. These shots must be 5 years old at least. Sometimes its nice to look back at old photos to see where you’ve come from. Well, enough babbling. on to the photos.


Maunakea Florist

Keep out

She’s a brick… house

Scraping skies

Sometimes its easy to stay focused

Ghost town

One of the many residents of Chinatown

Ahh. Back when i used to use borders on my photos. Haha.

Sometime soon, i want to do another shoot downtown and try to get some of these same shots. And when i do, there will definitely be another post.

until next time


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