La Tour Cafe

           Well, here it is. the beginning.

Searching through tons of pictures from many different foodventures, (yes, i just made that up. and i immediately regret it), i was trying to make the tough decision of what to post first. So many delicious choices, and not really a bad one in the bunch. But, we have to start somewhere..

Enter La Tour Cafe. A French inspired cafe, brought to you by the owners of ba-le.

the menu

 With an eye catching interior, and tasty menu, you cant really go wrong with a visit to this place. There’s usually lots of seating, and its a pretty nice atmosphere. (Now if only they offered free WiFi)

i love lamp

fresh from the oven

On top of fresh baked breads, and lots of freshly sliced deli meats, la tour also serves great coffee, and a host of sandwiches and other lunch/brunch items. Although i seem to have misplaced the pictures, i have had their chicken pesto panini, and their famous french dip sandwiches, and both were delicious.

But while their soups and sandwiches are delicious, what keeps bringing me back are the macarons.

Oh sweet and delicious macarons. how you tempt me so!

They almost glow in the display case, with an angelic hue.

With over a dozen rotating flavor offerings, you never really know what you’re in for that day. But you do know it will be tasty. When i go, i try to get a few different flavors. I haven’t tried them all yet. but the emphasis is on “yet”.

And of course, being the foodie photonerd i am, i take them immediately back to my table for an in house photo session.

…Ok. maybe its just me taking pictures of my food. But damn it, i cant help it.

If you haven’t been, get there. You wont regret it.

Maybe ill see you there. Just look for the dork in the corner taking pictures of his cookies.

…until next time


© Chuco Townsend. Darq Labs Photography 2011

Wedding, Event, Food Photography. Honolulu, Hawaii.


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