Caffeine Fiend

If you dont already follow me on various social networking or blog sites, you will soon find out what others have long known about me.

“Hello. My name is Chuco, and im addicted to coffee”

Besides being a regular at various caffeine dealers, and spending most of my paychecks there, i also have a coffee machine at home that is rarely ever off. In fact, i think i go through a coffee pot every 6-8 months or so. and i’m sure they’re meant to last much longer than that.

here are a couple of shots from some of my adventures. and there are a ton more where these came from.

just a couple of the essentials:

Most days, if you catch me outside of the comfort of my cave, this is the scene. coffee in one hand, phone in the other. Probably texting away, or being a social media whore. What can i say… I like to Party.

Its not always Starbucks though. Sometimes its nice to visit other places and see whats going on there. A few of my favorites include Glazers, Island Vintage Coffee Co,  the Coffee Gallery, and recently Kissaten Cafe.  There are so many more on the list. but these are definitely some of the favorites.

If youre ever on the North Shore, and craving a tasty coffee beverage, check out the Coffee Gallery in the north shore market place (next to Cholo’s), and try the Coconator. Hot or cold, you cant go wrong.

there are a ton more where these came from. and there are even more to come in the future.

more images on my FB


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